Aurella the Witch – Featured on Bookworms for Kids

Bookworm for Kids recently reviewed Aurella the Witch and featured it on their blog! Below is a snip-it of the review! Follow this link for the full review. Follow this link for more information about Aurella the Witch.

There is so much to love about this magical world. The author does a terrific job of creating a place which is familiar enough to feel a bit like home, while staying fantastical enough to allow dreams to take flight. There are enough details to bring everything to life without bogging down the pace. It’s a great introduction to a world, which can easily support the adventures of an entire series.

Aurella is a lovely character. She’s a bit too mature for a twelve-year-old but, that aside, the age enables other facets of the story to unfold nicely. She’s kind and daring but not quite perfect, making her easy to cheer for the whole way through. Her age allows the beautiful friendship with a slightly older Mavic to form without a wave of drama, which probably would have happened had she been older. The friendship between the two was my favorite part of the story. They are opposites in many ways, and it’s exactly this that creates the perfect balance. The dialogue and interaction between the two keeps the story moving along and makes both very sympathetic.

A vast variety of characters is introduced as the plot unfolds, each one adding a new facet and layer. It was a treat to meet each one and watch how the story thickened with each new personality. The side characters aren’t simply thrown in, but have their own small histories and importance. It’s a fun adventure, but never overly simple. And the magical aspects add a nice twist.

I can’t wait to see where the adventure goes from here.