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Map of Dovice

(Not included in the book!)

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Mavic’s Letter


This bonus content is only for those who have read Aurella the Witch. If you read on, you will be subjected to spoilers. Just sayin’…

So, did anyone wonder what exactly it is that Mavic wrote to Mirella’s friends when he asked for their help in the Epilogue? I actually have a copy of that actual letter. (Gasp!) I took a picture of it and am pasting it here. I don’t think Mavic will mind. If he does he can get over it. Sometimes that kid needs to take a chill pill…

P.S. The teacher in me wanted to fix his spelling errors, but I restrained myself. His lack of education isn’t his fault.


Random Brain Ramblings that Started a Novel

So I was going through my files and I found this weird, untitled document. I opened it up, and lo and behold it was the first brainstorming I did on Aurella the Witch. And it’s absolute nonsense! So I thought I’d post it because it’s funny how little it actually makes sense. I made some comments in the margins that I intended to be insightful, but they ended up being me just making fun of myself.

This document is NOT:

  • A plot synopsis for Aurella the Witch
  • A bunch of spoilers – literally like 1/4 or less of the ideas I typed up actually made it into the story
  • An insight into my writing style – I was literally just typing what I was thinking

This document IS:

  • The initial thoughts I had for Aurella the Witch – I was literally sitting on my butt during Christmas Break and I thought, “I should write another book! What will it be about?” (By “another” I do not mean that there is another book out there for anyone to read… That first one will never see the light of day…)
  • Total nonsense
  • A LOT of spelling errors – I was thinking quicker than I was typing, and I also didn’t think it would matter because no one was gonna read it…
  • An outline of the story – my actual outline is WAY longer, WAY more extensive, and WAY more confusing

So read on if you’d like to witness my random brain ramblings and my own comments on how little they make sense. Again, please do not take this document seriously. This is just me sharing my strange, confusing thoughts that started Aurella the Witch. (Emphasis on the strange.) Feel free to laugh.

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