Pronunciation Guide

Aurella the Witch

Aurella: uh-REL-luh

Beveric: BEV-er-ick

Dovice: DOH-vis (long O like in “donut”)

Garvin: GAHR-vin

Gia: JEE-uh

Heila: HIE-luh (long I like in “high”)

Hestia: HES-tia (kind of sounds like HES-tcha when said quickly)

Jerelle: jer-EL

Joelle: JOH-el  (long O like in “Joe”)

Kaila: KAY-luh

Mavic: MAA-vick (rhymes with “magic”)

Mirella: mer-EL-luh

Oner: OH-ner / sounds like “owner”

Rashtica: RAHSH-tick-ah (“rash” rhymes with “wash”)

Slathgar: SLATH-gahr

Tarrin: TEHR-in (or TAIR-in)

Tatautek: tay-TAU-teck (TAU rhymes with “cow”)


The Language of the Witches:

In this story, sometimes witches speak a special language. These words will be italicized to set them apart. In this language A’s are generally pronounced like a short O, like in the words “wash” or “tall”. R’s are slightly rolled. In general, the language sounds a lot like Russian.