Kirkus Review of Aurella the Witch – “A variable delight”

Aurella the Witch recently received a Kirkus Review, which has been published in the Kirkus newsletter!

Below is an excerpt of the review, but you can view it in its entirety here.

“Sezate’s appealing tale retains a brisk pace (primarily Aurella and Mavic fleeing through a forest) and winsome characters. Aurella, for one, is a believable tween but with a welcome maturity, often calm in confrontations. Her relationship with Mavic is akin to siblings, and their banter never wears thin, complete with teasing and endearing insults… Sezate thoroughly wraps up Book 1 but ends on a cliffhanger, surely leaving readers on the hunt for a sequel.

A witty and enthusiastic tale about a powerful tween; a veritable delight.”

-Kirkus Reviews

Aurella the Witch

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