Aurella the Witch Audiobook

It’s finally here!

The audio book for Aurella the Witch is now available on Amazon and Audible, and will be on iTunes in the next couple of days! Now you can just sit back and relax as you listen to the story, narrated by the lovely Renee Dorian.

It was such a fun experience being a part of the creation of this audio book! This was the process if anyone is interested in producing an audio book too, or just wants to know how it works…

Audiobook Creation Process:

  1. I did everything through Audiobook Creation Exchange is directly connected to Amazon, so the first step was to look up my book’s ISBN number at and it brought up my book.
  2. I then created a little blurb about what I’m looking for in a narrator and waited to see if any producers (narrators) were interested.
  3. Unfortunately, I am a little impatient, so rather than waiting, I was able to look through different producers’ profiles and invite producers to audition if they seemed like a good fit.
  4. I uploaded a small part of my manuscript for producers to read for their audition, then determined which producer I liked the best based on their audition.
  5. An offer was made and we hashed out the payment details.
  6. My producer began uploading her recordings one chapter at a time in case I wanted to leave any comments or notes to have her edit later.
  7. After a few edits of the audio, we submitted it for a final review from ACX and then they posted it up on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

It was actually pretty simple! It just took a bit longer than I anticipated. I am very happy with the result and you should definitely check it out!