Aurella the Witch

Aurella found out she's a witch... just in time to start a witch hunt.

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  • Sezate’s appealing tale retains a brisk pace (primarily Aurella and Mavic fleeing through a forest) and winsome characters. Aurella, for one, is a believable tween but with a welcome maturity, often calm in confrontations. Her relationship with Mavic is akin to siblings, and their banter never wears thin, complete with teasing and endearing insults… Sezate thoroughly wraps up Book 1 but ends on a cliffhanger, surely leaving readers on the hunt for a sequel. A witty and enthusiastic tale about a powerful tween; a veritable delight.

    Kirkus Reviews

  • I would recommend this story for many reasons, foremost the characters felt relatable. They were equal and the weren't silly or weak which they often make young characters. It is better than many of the stories I have read and I want to read more! Which is not something I say often. I can read the first book and move on to another series without looking back. I can't say that for this story, I will get the next one and hope there will be more after that. Nice easy to read and fun.

    Jo Awalt

    Goodreads Member

  • I loved this story! I especially enjoyed the banter between Aurella and Mavic, the main characters. The only bad part was where I noticed I was nearing the end and realized the quest was not over - I immediately wanted to read the next part of the story, but it's not out yet... Also, there are parts of this book that make it hard to put down, so I sacrificed some sleep. I would recommend this to any child or adult who thinks there's a little magic on this world.

    Devon Y.

    Amazon Customer

  • I enjoyed this story immensely. The more characters introduced, the more interesting the story got. The camaraderie between Aurella and Mavic was well written. And even though that was great, the fun part started when they joined the group of protesters. I really loved Bev’s character, and hope that it carries on into the next chapter of Aurella and Mavic’s journeys. These characters have more limitations than witches normally have. That’s what makes this series stand out from other witch related ones. I look forward to the next book of the series.

    Julie Baswell

    Amazon Customer

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