Aurella the Witch

Aurella the Witch

Aurella found out she’s a witch… just in time to start a witch hunt.

Twelve years ago, the kingdom of Dovice was purged of magic. All the witches were killed in a massive witch hunt, and evidence of their existence was erased from history. So when Aurella discovers she’s a witch, she’s both confused and frightened. Despite the risk of revealing herself, Aurella uses her powers to protect her only friend from a dangerous situation and accidentally sets in motion another witch hunt, making her the key target.

With few allies and an entire country against her, Aurella flees north in hopes of finding Rashtica, the alleged kingdom where her kind live in peace. But Aurella can’t run forever, and if she doesn’t learn to embrace her power, the witch hunt she brought about could be her bitter end.


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“Sezate’s appealing tale retains a brisk pace (primarily Aurella and Mavic fleeing through a forest) and winsome characters. Aurella, for one, is a believable tween but with a welcome maturity, often calm in confrontations. Her relationship with Mavic is akin to siblings, and their banter never wears thin, complete with teasing and endearing insults… Sezate thoroughly wraps up Book 1 but ends on a cliffhanger, surely leaving readers on the hunt for a sequel. A witty and enthusiastic tale about a powerful tween; a veritable delight.

– Kirkus Reviews


I thought the story line was different and fun. A good read with twists and turns that are not expected.
-Amazon Customer
I loved this story! I especially enjoyed the banter between Aurella and Mavic, the main characters. The only bad part was where I noticed I was nearing the end and realized the quest was not over – I immediately wanted to read the next part of the story, but it’s not out yet… Also, there are parts of this book that make it hard to put down, so I sacrificed some sleep. I would recommend this to any child or adult who thinks there’s a little magic on this world.
-Amazon Customer
This was an extremely amusing book. I was taken right from the start with the cover art. It seemed very fun and it really was. I liked that it was about a younger girl. I expected it to be about an older teenager or a twenty-something because there are so many of those books out there. But, there was something really nice and sweet with it centering around a twelve-year-old. There was no need for relationship drama or anything like that.
It’s always interesting to read a book about some sort of magical person like a witch or warlock or wizard or whatever and to see how the author interprets their magical abilities. What does their magic consist of and how do they actually physically do their magic? I thought this author’s take on the magic of witches and warlocks was really creative. There were rules in places which stayed consistent throughout. That’s always key in a fantasy tale. A reader can understand that magic takes place in the realm in which the story takes place, but the rules of how the magic works need to stay consistent and make sense with each other if it’s to make sense.
I was really surprised how much I ended up caring for the fate of the characters. I was kind of shocked near the end, but I won’t give out any spoilers. Anyways, I got hooked and was really interested in finding out what would happen to all of the characters. And, it was left open at the end for the possibility of more books. I would definitely read any more the author would write about Aurella and Mavic.
-Amazon Customer
This was adorable! A cute little young fantasy. Aurella is a twelve year old girl who is constantly bullied and called a witch which she denies until she accidentally casts and spell and finds out its true! This leads her and her best friend fifteen year old Mavic to run from the king’s guards who wish to catch and hang her for being a witch! This story was a cute little book for young readers. I even read it to my son who loves books.The characters were great too. Mavic was an orphan and always getting into fights but he was not a bad person he just stood up for himself and Little Aurella. I loved the friendship between the two. It was one of those opposites make for better friends and it works. The other characters add a diverse and fun addition and the more characters the author introduced the more interesting the book became.This is a fun beginning to what [promises to be a fun series.
-Amazon Customer