Aurella the Witch – Featured on Bookworms for Kids

Bookworm for Kids recently reviewed Aurella the Witch and featured it on their blog! Below is a snip-it of the review! Follow this link for the full review. Follow this link for more information about Aurella the Witch. There is so much to love about this magical world. The author does a terrific job of creating a place which is familiar enough to feel a bit like home, while staying fantastical enough to allow dreams...Read More

Book Review: River Secrets by Shannon Hale

River Secrets by Shannon Hale My rating: 5 of 5 stars I freaking love this book! (And I have a lot to say about it.) River Secrets is the third of the Books of Bayern. The first book was The Goose Girl (one of my favorite books of all time!) and the second is Enna Burning. River Secrets follows a character named Razo, who was introduced in The Goose Girl and also played a very...Read More

Book Review: Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo My rating: 3 of 5 stars I really wanted to like this book. It had a lot of great qualities. It had an intense plot, compelling characters, and a unique story concept. I loved how the story began and I was really excited to read on about the characters that I already found myself drawn to. I was a little disappointed though. About half-way through the book, it really...Read More

Writing is Not Linear (How Not to Teach Writing)

I may not have a degree in English or Creative Writing, but I am a teacher, so I’m aware of how writing is taught in schools. Most teachers are familiar with this little thing we call The Writing Process and the Six (+1) Traits of Writing. I’m actually quite a fan of the Six Traits, because they have a little more to do with the craft of writing and less to do with the process....Read More

Aurella the Witch – Bonus Content

SPOILER ALERT!!! This bonus content is only for those who have read Aurella the Witch. If you read on, you will be subjected to spoilers. Just sayin'... So, did anyone wonder what exactly it is that Mavic wrote to Mirella's friends when he asked for their help in the Epilogue? I actually have a copy of that actual letter. (Gasp!) I took a picture of it and am pasting it here. I don't think Mavic...Read More

Book Review: A Voice in the Wind

A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers My rating: 4 of 5 stars A Voice in the Wind takes place in ancient Jerusalem and Rome and features the hatred and violence between the Jews and the Romans and the struggle to keep faith during those dark times. The book had a great range of characters. A Jewish slave, a rich Roman girl and her brother, and a captured tribal chief from Germania sold to...Read More

Bookshelf Satisfaction

  Stopped by Half-Price Books the other day and found my book up on the shelf! I sold three copies to them a few weeks ago, but the employee who was helping me got excited that she was talking to the author and was really interested in the book, so she bought a copy for herself and had me sign if for her! She also gave me even more for my books than she was...Read More

Random Brain Ramblings That Started a Novel

So I was going through my files and I found this weird, untitled document. I opened it up, and lo and behold it was the first brainstorming I did on Aurella the Witch. And it's absolute nonsense! So I thought I'd post it because it's funny how little it actually makes sense. I made some comments in the margins that I intended to be insightful, but they ended up being me just making fun of...Read More